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Aussie Print Industry supports local

Kosdown is one of the few local on-shore printers fully committed to keeping jobs, manufacturing and skills within Australia. We also strongly support responsible forestry and local paper makers.

The size of the Australian printing market is estimated to be over $6 billion annually.  As at 2019 there are 5,374 printing businesses in Australia, and the industry as a whole employs over 25,000 people.  The local Australian print industry provides an opportunity to reach target audiences through dedicated print campaigns that has never been greater.

Kosdown Printing is based in Port Melbourne and are proud to have been local manufacturers for three generations. When outsourcing your printing needs to a print company, check if the company is indeed printing locally and committed to our Australian industry. Getting the best professional results should always be at the forefront of your mind and home grown Australian technology delivers on that promise.  Find out more about Kosdown managed print and integrated distribution services and contact us for an assessment of your commercial printing needs.

“Kosdown prides itself on its history of local manufacturing and we intend to retain that legacy for generations to come.”

Derek Downie

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