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Doin’ it for the Kids

Kosdown undertook a recent install for the City Of Port Phillip (COPP) in Albert Park. A pop up kids playground in the Bridport Street Village square required some special attention.

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Local Newspapers Making A Comeback

Remember when local newspapers were delivered to your mailbox? Every week you could read the local rag and get yourself up to speed with what was going on in your community. Simply by flicking through the pages you could stay in touch with news and events in a manner that was instantly accessible.

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Kosdown Solar a Winner

About 18mths ago Kosdown undertook a large scale solar installation comprising a 62kW photo voltaic roof panel system together with a Three Phase 50Kwp Inverter. Our Aim was to lessen our environmental impact, and we have. The results are in and we’re proud to say the investment has paid off.

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Farrago – the making of Mish Mash

At the start of this year Kosdown began a partnership with Farrago, the student magazine publication of the University of Melbourne. Farrago is the oldest student publication in Australia, being first published in 1925 as a broadsheet newspaper.

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RW Scholarship – Awards Update

At the start of this year Kosdown Director David Downie was actively involved in initiating and helping to set up the RW Scholarship Fund. The scholarship was created in the memory of Kosdown friend and local Mordialloc identity Richard ‘Dickie’ Williams.

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Kosdown Think in Ink… Digital Ink

Here at Kosdown we think we’re pretty good. We’ve got the runs on the board over a period of many years, and we’re not embarrassed to tell the world about it. Still, it means a lot more to hear from someone else when it comes to the merits of Kosdown or any other printing company.

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The RW Scholarship Fund

Kosdown are actively involved in our local communities and when there is an opportunity to get involved and support a good cause, we do. As such Kosdown director David Downie welcomed the opportunity to help set up a Scholarship Fund in honour of dear old friend and local identity Richard (Dickie) Williams.

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Face Mask Ear Savers

Kosdown are making and selling face mask ear savers to stop the pulling and chaffing behind the ears, which is caused by wearing a mask all day. It’s a simple problem, and it’s a simple and elegant solution…

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St Kilda to St Kilda Exhibition

Kosdown Director David Downie and partner Libby Niven recently exhibited a selection of photographic works at the St Kilda Town Hall Gallery. The images were taken over two separate trips to the remote archipelago of St Kilda, which lies some 40 miles off the coast of Scotland in the North Atlantic Ocean.

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Kosdown Goes Solar

Kosdown have continued to embrace sustainability and innovation with a large scale Solar installation to the Kosdown factory in Port Melbourne. The installation comprises a 62kW photo voltaic roof panel system, together with a Three Phase 50Kwp Inverter.

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