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That’s A (Rubbish Bin) Wrap

The iconic St Kilda Market had been around for over 50 years. Held on the Upper Esplanade in St Kilda, the market was established in 1970 and has been a favourite for both international tourists and locals ever since.

In its idyllic beachside location, the market runs at around 140 stalls selling a diverse and eclectic selection of artwork and handmade items, and it’s open very sunday year round from 10am. the market has become a world-renowned art and craft makers’ haven, the destination of choice for those seeking high-quality and authentic Australian products.

As a means of promoting the market, the City of Port Philip required permanent signage installed on site, that could still be easily removed if needed. To achieve this bin wraps were chosen for the 30 or 40 rubbish bins which line the Upper Esplanade curbside. Bin wraps are a great way to not only mask what’s a pretty unattractive street asset, but to also utilise existing assets for promotional signage with excellent hi-visibility. The beauty of bin wraps is the repetitive messaging that can be achieved by utilising multiple touch points to engage passing pedestrians. On days when the market is not running the wraps serve as the perfect reminder of where and when the market takes place.

Kosdown printed the wraps with permanent UV safe inks on self adhesive vinyl, and then applied them all on site to the bin surfaces. So that’s a wrap, Kosdown style!

St Kilda Bin Wrap 2
St Kilda Bin Wrap 4
St Kilda Bin Wrap 3
St Kilda Bin Wrap 5
St Kilda Bin Wrap 6
St Kilda Market Aerial View
St Kilda Bin Wrap 1

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