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For nearly four decades Kosdown has been putting ink to paper. And whilst the technology has certainly changed our core beliefs and focus haven't. Quality, reliability, care and customer service always have been, and always will be the central values of our business.

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From our humble beginnings as a family business, the Kosdown of today is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art pre-press, printing and finishing house, producing work to the highest quality, 24 hours a day.

Humble Beginnings

Kosdown is a family-owned business with a big heart, and has been for over 35 years.

All that's changed in the past 35 years is the technology! Our core beliefs and focus haven't. Quality, reliability, care and customer service always have been, and always will be the central values of our business.Our printing is still in-house, our directors are still directly involved in the daily goings-on of the business, and we still give 100% 24 hours a day.

Humble Beginnings


Kosdown Printing has a proud history of supporting community events, organisations and grassroots sport teams.

Since 2009 we've sponsored a competitive cycling club. Go Kosdown Performance Cycling!

Team Kosdown works to support and encourage cyclists to achieve their goals in competitive cycling. A core function of the team is promote cycling to young people as a fulfilling sport unlike any other.

Cycling, as a sport, is all about recognising individual strengths and having the team work together to accentuate these strengths. That individual then has the opportunity to lead the entire team to victory. Success for one is success for all.

There couldn’t be a better real-world metaphor for our philosophy of community involvement.

We believe in working hard to help our clients, staff and community achieve individual and common goals.



We have been committed to sustainable printing long before it became a talking point. To us sustainable printing is more than just being environmentally aware, it also makes economic sense and is a smarter way to do business.

We were one of the first in Australia to introduce water and chemical free plate making, a technology which offers immense water savings of over 150,000 litres a year. It is also far safer for our staff and the environment. In addition we only use 100% vegetable and soy based inks, again eliminating the need for harmful (and expensive) chemicals.

We are one of only a handful of printers in Australia to be fully certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC), an international organisation that encourages paper mills to find solutions to problems created by bad forestry practices and reward good forest management.

Further to that we are also Silver Waste Wise certified, with 97% of our waste being recycled or reused, and are a member of CitySwitch Green Office program , Australia's flagship sustainability program for business.

We've received a lot of awards in our 35 years of business but two we are particularly proud of are winning the 2013 FSC Print Services award and of being awarded the 2008 CitiPower City of Port Phillip Business Excellence Award for Environmental Sustainability.

We will continue to embrace and strive to develop further environmentally-sustainable print practices for the benefit of everyone's future.


Our Staff

Dick Downie
Alex Fantoma
Rhea Syme
Mark Culton
John Fenech
Steven Downie
Jude Wendt
Jeff Steele
Sandra Downie
David Fejgl
David Downie
David Busuttil
Carl Heath
Andrew Porter
Derek Downie
Andrew Downie
Nicole Carrubba

Citipower Port Phillip Business Excellence Award for Sustainability

This award acknowledges and celebrates the achievements of Port Phillip’s most outstanding businesses and Kosdown was thrilled to receive this acknowledgment of our sustainability initiatives.

2013 FSC Print Services Award

Kosdown won the 2013 FSC® Australia Print Services winner in a category with stiff competition from Lonely Planet, K.W. Doggett Fine Paper and Scott Print.

Kosdown: the People’s Printer

Kosdown were the inaugural winners at the Best of Port awards in the area of Environmental Sustainability. The awards recognise business excellence within the community and encourage customers to take an interest in supporting their favourite local businesses.

Silver medal at the Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards

One of many accolades we’ve received at the PICA awards, this PICA silver medal winning box was a thank-you gift to long-standing clients in celebration of our 30th year in business. Each box contained a personalised Dibond plaque and the box was designed, manufactured and assembled in-house.

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