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Kossi Pitches In

If you’re pitching to win new business then you really need to create a good impression. Kosdown vinyl wall display graphics are a cost effective and powerful way to dress up your walls for that ‘must win’ presentation.

Kosdown were recently asked to ‘pitch in’ to help an agency do exactly this to help win a prospect new client, the presentation was to take place at the agency headquarters and some eye catching displays were needed to brighten up the space with dynamic visuals that were in theme with the new client.

Of course it was a crazy tight deadline, something Kosdown excels at! The artwork was received on the Friday arvo, Printing and Laminating was undertaken over the weekend at Kosdown’s Pt Melb plant, then installation was done onsite by Kosdown in Richmond on the Monday… all in time for the big meeting on Tuesday, even allowing for final adjustments.

The wall graphics are produced on permanent white vinyl printed on Kosdown’s large format digital flat bed, then applied to the wall in 2.6 metre wide strips. If you’ve ever tried to apply a 3 metre x 2 metre sticker to a window you’ll know this is a task best left to the professionals! The images were printed oversize and then trimmed down for an exact fit to the wall frame edges. The lamination used is a special protective film which enables marks and stains to be easily wiped off.

In addition to installing internal wall graphics, Kosdown also produce and install external signage. Kosdown carry all the necessary insurances for outside work and are certified for working at heights. When printing for outside use, UV ‘Lightfast’ inks are used, which utilise a special curing process which is initiated by direct exposure to sunlight. As the external prints are exposed to UV rays this sets off the ink and increases the resistant capacity of the print to weather and withstand the elements. In addition Anti Graffiti film can be used to protect against vandalism, this additional layer can simply be peeled off and replaced in the event of it being marked.

So if you want to make a good impression, inside or outside, give Kosdown a call to make yourself seen.

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