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When Print Becomes Art

Most of the work that Kosdown produce is commercial print work, destined for commercial purposes, however more often these days we have the opportunity to delve into the world of fine art…

It was to this purpose that Kosdown recently worked with local artist Danny Kneebone to produce an interesting 2D-3D artwork. Danny came to us for assistance in producing his unique 2D-3D piece that involved digital print, hand painting and 3D fabrication. Danny needed help to achieve the result he was aiming for, so Kosdown director Derek Downie worked with Danny running test prints and experimenting with printing on different substrates to achieve the best end effect.

The piece is a representation of a key moment in the fairytale Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol, as Alice is about to descend into the ‘rabbit hole’. The work features a digitally printed image onto 5mm Marine Ply, done on Kosdown’s large format flatbed (Anapurna 3.2mtr), then on top of the print Danny hand applied oil colours to enhance the image and add relief, then Danny created an additional third dimension by fabricating a door into the ply, which was cut out and hinged to the print. Behind this a recessed image was mounted behind the cut-out, creating both a visual illusion and a real extra dimension. LED lighting activates when the door opens and creates a mystical impression of the Wonderland that Alice is about to enter. The result is a whimsical interpretation of Alice as she peers through the rabbit hole into the fantasy world beyond.

The work is finished with a custom timber frame made by Danny and his father which adds a nice final touch. Kosdown were delighted to be a part of this special project, and if you’d like to check it out you can, it is part of the long running Post Card Show at the Linden Gallery in St Kilda which runs until 11th February 2024.

Edit: We were stoked to find out from Danny that the piece won an award at the show, being ‘The Nina Taylor MP Birthday Card Award’!

Head here for details, it’s well worth a look:
Linden Postcard Show 2023-24:
(scroll down on the website to artwork number 487)

Linden Gallery Rabbit Hole Shot
When Print Becomes Art - Danny Kneebone
When Print Becomes Art - Danny Kneebone
When Print Becomes Art - Danny Kneebone
When Print Becomes Art - Danny Kneebone
When Print Becomes Art - Danny Kneebone

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