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Kosdown Wins City of Port Phillip Award

Kosdown were recipients of a City Of Port Phillip Excellence in Business Award for the innovations applied in the Kosdown factory, which have significantly improved the environmental sustainability of the factory and created knock on commercial benefits.

For more than 30 years of operation Kosdown have strived to gain efficiencies and adapt to new technologies.  The transition to waterless plate printing saved over 120,000 litres of water for each machine, every year, an instant saving that has helped improve the bottom line of the business.  That’s good for the environment, good for clients and good for Kosdown.

When the new systems were implemented Kosdown discovered the efficiencies not only saved money but were a better way of doing business in that clients appreciated they were part of best practice industry leading technology .

“Our idea was to be more sustainable, Kosdown were one of the first to introduce the computer to plate system, abolishing the use of water and saving over $40,000 a year in not purchasing chemicals”

David Downie

The business awards have been a great experience, and allowed us to meet meet many business owners and local entrepreneurs, helping us to run our business more efficiently, and smarter.

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