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Local Newspapers Making A Comeback

Remember when local newspapers were delivered to your mailbox? Every week you could read the local rag and get yourself up to speed with what was going on in your community. Simply by flicking through the pages you could stay in touch with news and events in a manner that was instantly accessible.

Local newspapers remain an effective way to keep residents informed, and for many elderly citizens, those with limited mobility or not on social media, they are a key way to stay in touch with their communities. Tabloid newspapers are tactile and carry impact, unlike social media pages with updates of helicopters circling and recommendations for local hairdressers.

The scarcity of local newspapers leaves many communities without an effective communication and news broadcast tool, so it’s no wonder that astute communicators have seen an opportunity to again use Tabloid print to get in front of a captive audience and provide a reliable, easily accessible news source.

Kosdown produce and distribute newspapers for a number of local MP’s who chose to create their own newspapers and bulletins to put their residents back in the loop. These have proven to be a low cost and effective tool to speak to their constituents, with distribution increasing.

Kosdown print Tabloid format newspapers using 100% recycled stock, waterless and chemical free plate making and 100% vegetable and soy based inks. Kosdown not only take care of the printing but also handle distribution. Kosdown have an intimate understanding of logistics and speak the language of ‘Australia Post’ which can be mystifying to those not versed. Kosdown can also organise custom mailing solutions such as personalised address labelling.

Kosdown’s seamless printing and distribution process has made these publications winners, so if you’d like to get your message out there to your local community, speak to Kosdown about how you can do it.

The Bruce Bulletin
Kosdown Local Newspapers Making A Comeback
Kosdown Local Newspapers Making A Comeback

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