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Kosdown Think in Ink… Digital Ink

Here at Kosdown we think we’re pretty good. We’ve got the runs on the board over a period of many years, and we’re not embarrassed to tell the world about it. Still, it means a lot more to hear from someone else when it comes to the merits of Kosdown or any other printing company.

Hearing what others say is great way to get a true insight into the services of printer. A while ago we came across this podcast from industry commentators “Destroy Digital” assessing the pros and cons of dealing with Kosdown. A lot has happened since this (read pisky pandemic thing), but the guys at Destroy Digital are now back on deck, so we thought this was an apt opportunity to check in and share the episode. So see below, have a listen and make up your own mind!

Destroy Digital Intro:
“The people at Kosdown Printing are the best at thinking in ink and turning your ideas to printed masterpieces. Here’s how to translate that into digital marketing gold.

As the premiere ‘print-on-anything, any-time’ printers in Victoria, Kosdown Printing has been the go-to of many Melbourne-based graphic designers and creatives for the longest time. Famously known for their customer service and on-time delivery of even the most complex print and installation jobs. Long story short. EVERYBODY who’s in the business of needing printing done (whatever the size) KNOWS who KOSDOWN is.

How do you turn that Kosdown Printing magic into digital marketing gold? Listen out for Henrietta as she announces the arrival of those classic gold-nuggets from Chris. Currently, all that good stuff that Kosdown do is locked away in the minds and imaginations of those who are already in the know…the trick is to show-don’t-tell.

Thinking in Ink. Sometimes, when you’re in a commodity space with a lot of commodity ‘run-of-the-mill’ players, the best thing you can do is to take the high-road. If you’re already the market leader in terms of innovation, then you should demonstrate that.

The merits are two-fold. It allows your audience to identify with your industry-leading position and choose to engage with you on that basis (think of it as ‘celebrity’ status).

And the other is for you to justify your prices. This is especially useful when qualifying your customers. Those who won’t pay the prices you command aren’t really ever going to be your customers anyway. The sooner you find out – the better.”

Head hear to listen to the Podcast:

The guys made a good point and were spot on with picking up our website was in need of a major make over! So we listened, it’s done, you know it ’cause you’re on it!

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