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The RW Scholarship Fund

Kosdown are actively involved in our local communities and when there is an opportunity to get involved and support a good cause, we do. As such Kosdown director David Downie welcomed the opportunity to help set up a Scholarship Fund in honour of dear old friend and local identity Richard (Dickie) Williams.

Richard passed away from a terminal illness in 2020, and was an unsung lcoal hero. He worked tirelessly for others, and always put other people before himself. An all-round good guy, Dickie was quite the character around the Mordialloc area. He worked as a postman delivering the local mail and was known and loved by most of local businesses and residents on his route, always prepared to lend an ear to a problem, or offer a joke to lighten the day.

Dickie took part in many local activities and as such was an active and passionate member of the local Mordialloc Cricket Club. He was always ready for a bit of a chat and a big laugh. He is missed dearly by the many whose lives he touched. This was evident by the several thousand who attended his funeral.

When Richard passed a group of his close friends, including David who had known Richard since early school days at Mordialloc High got together, deciding to set up a scholarship fund in his memory and honour, with the funds raised going towards deserving Mordialloc Secondary College students as a Student Award, as well as assisting young cricket players at the Mordialloc Cricket Club in the form of a Cricketers Award.

As well as being on the board, David has dedicated his time as secretary of the fund to ensure its smooth operation and ongoing viability. Applications for the 2021 student award of $1,000.00 are now open, so if you know a Mordialloc Secondary College student who could use a bit of financial help, you can nominate them or let them know that they can apply themselves. All details are available at

If you’d like to help us to keep the Fund going, you can also donate at

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