Showing Off

Even we can’t believe how cool some of the things we get to make are.

We’ve handmade big-blue books for a client to present a billion-dollar tender bid, boxes to showcase the latest in candy that won’t melt in your hand and portable printed rooms that can be put together in a jiffy but are strong enough to be fitted with power and cooling.

We love a challenge so bring us a problem and we’ll work with you to create a showstopping solution.

MOIRA at Midsumma

MOIRA do fantastic work for people with disabilities, youth in crisis and their families. We are proud to have worked with such a compassionate organisation. We crafted the colourful materials that MOIRA displayed at the 2017 Midsumma Pride March.  

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Spring Racing Carnival

The piece, an invitation to a race day, was designed and constructed at Kosdown. Featuring a custom-made cloth covered box with a hand-cut foam insert to hold a pen. The piece also included a personalised invitation card produced on Kosdown’s variable data foiling machine. Custom presentation boxes, ring-binders, slip cases, hand-made books and more – be sure to speak with Kosdown the next time you need a special item made.

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